Partner TOS Page

Terms of Service

At this time, Ham Alliance is not a separate legal entity. It is an informal alliance of amateur radio-related organizations, businesses or activities who wish to co-promote each other. The website is hosted on a server operated by Excess Noise LLC. It is doing so as a public service to amateur radio at no charge. Excess Noise LLC or its officers will in no way and at no time be held responsible for any failure in the operations of the platform or any consequences said failure may have.


Ham Alliance favors all its partners equally. It shall at no time put the interests of one partner over the other. The mission is critically simple: to mutually share our user base so that we may all benefit from increased exposure to the amateur radio community.

The partnership will grow with the explicit approval of its existing membership. To this end, when a new partner applies for membership, the following rules and process will apply to the admission:

  • A new application will be made known to all the current partners no more than 48 hours after the application was submitted (excludes weekends).
  • The application will be in ‘pending’ status for a period of no less than 4 business days and no more than 10 business days.
  • An applicant will be approved as follows:
    • No more than 20% of the partners have objected to the approval within two days of the announcement. Translation: If more than 20% of the membership disagrees with the membership and does so by 23:59 Z, via email to the Alliance Administrator, on the second day following the announcement (a Monday announcement would need to be responded to by Wednesday 23:59 Z).
    • AND
    • The candidate has been approved by the Alliance Administrators plus a minimum of 50% of the membership no later than 10 business days after the announcement. Translation: Both the Administrator and 50% of the partners must say yes to the membership within 10 business days.
    • OR
    • If 10 business days have passed without sufficient objection or approval thresholds being reached, the Administrator plus two members will have the authority to approve the new Partner.
  • Partners with any web presence, including social networks, agree to post – very visibly – as many Ham Alliance banners or logos – and their associated link back to Ham Alliance – as might be considered reasonable. At the very least, there must be one prominent Ham Alliance logo on the homepage of the site and as much as possible, more discreet logos or banners throughout the rest of the site.
  • At no time will a partner be charged for the traffic that Ham Alliance sends to the partner.
  • At no time will a partner be remunerated for the traffic that they send to Ham Alliance.
  • To remain in good standing, the partners are expected to, at least:
    • Maintain the logos as visible as possible.
    • Generate traffic (clicks) to Ham Alliance that is no less than 5% of their annual unique visitors.
    • If they have a news section or the ability to make announcements, that the partner make known its continued commitment to the Alliance once per calendar year.
  • It is in the interest of all partners, that all partners engage in promotion beyond their website to include, as is reasonable:
    • Banners or logos on any printed promotional materials
    • A visible presence while exhibiting at any event whether that be a hamfest, tradeshow, or other. To this end, Ham Alliance will make available, for purchase at cost, promotional materials that the partners may choose to use including, but not limited to, flags, table top signage, handouts or other.
  • Finally, the partners agree to their attendance at the annual Ham Alliance virtual strategy meeting. If circumstances do not permit, the partner will make available a proxy attendee both for votes and information exchange.