The HamParts.shop adventure begins in 2013 when its founder Jan Sustr OK2ZAW joined the RemoteQTH.com project. Together with Dan OK1HRA, they produced and sold their first amateur radio products whose design was motivated by their own needs while operating contest station OL7M. In 2016, Jan founded QRO.cz, the company that still today manufactures RX antennas,…

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Alpha Antenna

Alpha Antenna was brought to life in 2005 after the founder was called to serve the amateur radio community. The first systems were produced in 1979 by the Founder, Steven Deines. Since that day, this company has expanded to produce superior designs for VHF UHF HF Base, Portable, and Mobile antennas. These high-performance solutions include…

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Mastrant square logo on black

We specialize in products and advice on guying and truss support of antennas and other structures. Our main products are optimized synthetic ropes designed for outdoor use and appropriate accessories. Guying mast clamps and all of the ropes are made in the Czech Republic.

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Ham Census

Welcome to Ham Census, an amateur radio survey that seeks to answer these questions: “What do amateur radio operators worldwide, think of their passion? What do we wish for? What are we frustrated about? How many of us are active, versus those that are taking a break? Do we have favorite radios, antennas, or even favorite…

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Ham Community

Ham Community logo

Ham Community was founded to help elevate the practice of amateur radio by creating spaces that fostered camaraderie, collaboration and contribution. The cluster has grown to over fifteen different websites that all, in their own way, hope to get us all to do things together, do them in friendship, and ultimately give back to the…

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