Become a Ham Alliance Partner

Help us grow the hobby, together.

Organizations and businesses working in amateur radio do so more out of passion than money. Granted, some do monetize their passion either by making gear, selling gear, organizing hamfests, blogging, streaming or even forming a club, but all do it because amateur radio is special.

Problem: those of us working in amateur radio have few means of promoting ourselves. There are a few publications and websites, there are hamfests too, but truth be told, many of us cannot afford a full-scale ongoing advertising campaign.

This is why 'we' created Ham Alliance. The 'we' is all of us, not one person, not one group, but several of us who realized that we could benefit from each other's visibility. What if all 'my' traffic was available to 'you', and vice versa?

Join our the Ham Alliance partnership program and let us help each other grow and become more helpful to the amateur radio community!

It is free but it does take some effort. The Alliance works if we all help each other selflessly.

The form below is just the first step in the process. The partnership votes on admission to Ham Alliance so as to ensure that only the highest quality partners, those with the intention of actively co-promoting each other, join.

Note that every time a new partner joins, it provides us with the opportunity of discussing how to best integrate into the group and how to improve each other's visibility.

If you would like to apply for consideration to join us, please do so below, we hope that you will.

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Partnership inquiry

Before filling out this form, please read carefully.

Below you will find just the fields that warrant further explanation; the others are straightforward.
Fields marked [private] are only visible to you and the Alliance Administrator. 

  • Username: This is the name that will appear as your official name throughout. If you have a Blog, and it is called 'The Happy Ham Blog' - that is what you should enter here, including spaces. If your site is known exclusively by its web url, then you can put it in here. But if it has a name, and a url, put the name here. If you are an organization with both a legal name and a brand name, put the brand name here. If you have more than one brand, we may ask you to create a separate account for that brand. One brand is equal to one username.
  • Website: This is the main website associated with the 'username' entry. If you have additional sites associated with this particular 'username', you will have a chance to enter them later.
  • Country: This is the country where your organization or brand are operating or doing business. If you are in more than once country, you will be able to enter this later; for now just put in your principal country of operations or origin.
  • Personal avatar: This is not your logo, this is a clear photo of you, the principal of this account. If you do not put a clear face shot, we will ask you to replace it later.
  • Type of organization: We can change this later. For now, just give us your main type of activity.
  • Main telephone number: [private] We will not share your telephone number. Our goal is to reach out and call you, at at agreed time and date, to get to know you prior to welcoming you as an Alliance Partner.
  • Address, City, State, Zip, Country: [private] If you have a physical office or manufacturing or retail outlet, put the full legal address here. If your operations are purely virtual or you are working from home, please enter your personal address. Again, this is for INTERNAL USE ONLY. Your address details will not be shared unless you have a physical presence in which case we will later enter that address separately.
  • Legal name: [private] If you do not have a legal entity, enter the words: 'No entity'. If you do have an entity, either a corporation, a non-profit, a 501©3 or other, please enter the full legal name as it appears in the company registry. This name does not have to be the same as the brand.
  • Logos for consideration: We will later design your page and presence with you directly. Here we would just like you to upload one or two brand logos for our initial consideration.
    Commercial business
    Not for profit corporation
    Independent entrepreneur - monetized
    Independent - non-monetized